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Boker Tov! (Good Morning)

That is my approach to life -
always start fresh, learn from yesterday
and be glad to start each day!

That's how I learned SEO, Web Development &
that is how I manage all projects &
work with people around the world.

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not so Relevant Information

BMI 180


Cities I’ve lived in 0

Cities I’ve lived in

Experience in SEO 0

Years experience
in SEO

Experience in web development 0

Years experience in
web development

Favorite ice-cream 0

Favorite ice-cream


About me

Father of 3, Married to the amazing Sarit, Web Master & Entrepreneur, seeking for ways to keep helping 100's of website owners focus on their business side.

  • 2003-2008

    First years of International PPC & SEO in the most competitive markets

  • 2008 - 2012

    GO - Managing SEO department , leading top brands to top search results while learning web development & working hand to hand with developers to improve performance & create an inhouse SEO Platform

  • 2013 - Currently

    Working for leading brands and fascinating projects, putting in my 2 cents where I can, while working with brilliant people to create tools helping business owners managing their assets better



From Bing to Google Shopping & News SEO
From Power Automate to Syncle Automation
From PHP & Python to Jenkins Open Source
From SEO to ASO & more Optimization
From Golan Heights to Switzerland Hiking
From Hapoel Tel Aviv to... hmmmm... Soccer
Only when they’re nice People


I am proud of all the projects I take part of, from the simplest company portfolio sites we develop & promote to the highest ranking in search engines to the more complex platforms we develop from scratch and see new clients sign up to and use on a daily basis.